Monday, November 12, 2012

Parsing Vocabulary

At some point I'll start taking this blog seriously and posting more regularly.  Until then, here's another quirky dispatch from the parenting trenches.

I asked the boys if they know why they have today off of school.  Who was this holiday in honor of?

Aidan answered, "It's Veterinarian's Day".

"No," Asher cut in to correct his brother before I could, "Today is for Vegetarians."

It's funny how being close can sometimes be so far off.

I explained what a veteran is and why they matter.  I explained how they have been so important to the history and future of our nation that Americans sets aside a national holiday, Veterans Day, specifically to remember and honor all the current and past veterans of our nation's armed forces.  I shared a little about the role veterans have played in defending our way of life and upholding the values of our nation; about their service and sacrifice. 

Aidan has recently studied the American Revolution in school, so I think he had a better understanding of it all, but it may be awhile before they come to appreciate Veterans Day as more than a day off from school.  At least they know we aren't celebrating plant-eating animal doctors... unless, of course, there are some plant-eating animal doctors who served in the US armed forces. 

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  1. Great story. I wonder if there really is a veterinarian's day.